Thermal Imaging – Affordable Energy Loss Detection

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With Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) now mandatory within the EU for new buildings and large building refurbishments, thousands of European businesses will have to meet the new EU Building Directive. The easiest and quickest method of detecting energy waste in buildings is by using infrared thermography in the shape of thermal imaging cameras (also known as thermal imagers or infrared cameras).

Until recently, such imagers have been expensive. But that’s all changing…

The good news is that recent technological developments have reduced thermal imaging camera prices considerably. Not only that, but latest thermal imagers are incredible intuitive and easy to use, even for novices in thermography.

Thermal imagers help identify the specific problems that push up energy bills and cause discomfort and possible health problems for building occupants. Viewing a thermal image, one can quickly identify a whole range of issues including missing or damaged insulation, air leakage, moisture intrusion in roofs and walls, actual and potential mold areas, thermal bridges and water leakages.

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