FLIR Launches New FLIR E30, E30bx & i-Series Thermal Imagers

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New FLIR E30 & FLIR E30bx Thermal Imaging Cameras

FLIR recently the launched an improved model of the FLIR E-Series entry model thermal imager, the FLIR E30. This means that the FLIR E30 thermal imaging camera is now equipped with a visual camera, which produces 2 megapixel images. The FLIR E30 also features an extended temperature range, measuring temperatures between -20°C and +350°C.

After much success with the FLIR Ebx-Series thermal imaging cameras, FLIR also launhed the new and improved FLIR E30bx thermal imager. Improvements include an incorporated visual camera and an extended temperature range of -20°C and +120°C.

New FLIR i-Series Thermal Imagers

FLIR also launched launched the new FLIR i-Series thermal imagers, featuring more rugged thermal imaging cameras, able to withstand a 2m drop along with being dust and watersplash proof. The new FLIR i-Series thermal imaging camera also comes with improved image quality (36% increase in resolution) for the same affordable price.

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