Seaward Apollo Series

Seaward Apollo Series PAT Testers are favored for high quality, reliability and ease of use. Compatible with Seaward PATGuard 3 software and a broad range of accessories like wireless printer, tag scanner, carry case, test leads and more. See our full range of Seaward PAT Testers on our dedicated website,

Seaward Apollo 400 Portable Appliance Tester

SKU: 380A920
Includes Calibration Cert
Seaward Apollo 400 Portable Appliance Tester is a new entry model in the famous Apollo family of PAT Testers. Available with much more attractive price tag the Apollo 400 offers an advanced functionality that will allow you ... Read More...

Seaward Apollo 500

SKU: 380A913
Includes Calibration Cert
A fast, great value ‘plug and play’ PAT Tester with a comprehensive range of tests and advanced data transfer and storage features. Apollo 500 offers fast and efficient electrical safety testing with secure and complete data ... Read More...

Seaward Apollo 600

SKU: 380A910
Includes Calibration Cert
A new era in risk-based portable appliance testing and health & safety management. Apollo 600 revolutionises safety management. With built-in risk assessment tools for any workplace hazard and a variety of testing and inspection reports including ... Read More...