Megger PAT Testers

Our range of Megger PAT Testers (portable appliance testers) caters for price ranges and performance levels. Choose from the Megger PAT400 or PAT300 portable appliance testers, or buy an entire "Business In A Box" PAT kit. Our highly experienced training staff can train you for the exact make and model of the PAT Tester you use every day.

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Megger PAT120, PAT150 and PAT150R

SKU: PAT120, PAT150, PAT150R
Includes Calibration Cert
The PAT100 series of hand-held portable appliance testers are exceptionally tough instruments, well able to cope with the treatment they will encounter on site or in the van. There are 3 testers in the range: PAT120 simple PAT tester offer Class I, Class II and power and extension lead testing with fixed pass limits; PAT150 full functionality PAT tester adds to the offering Portable RCD (PRCDs) testing at 10 mA and 30 mA, separate tests for continuity, insulation, mains powered leakage testing and SELV measurements using the quick test (QT) button, and can be used for testing fixed appliances. PAT150R is a rechargeable version of the PAT150. Read More...

Megger PAT320 PAT Tester

Includes Calibration Cert
Megger PAT320 PAT Tester The Megger PAT 320 PAT Tester is a simple, push-button portable appliance tester. That PAT320 is designed for customers who value speedy testing and do not require recording of test results. In ... Read More...

Megger PAT350 PAT Tester

Includes Calibration Cert
Megger PAT350 PAT Tester The Megger PAT350 PAT Tester offers a complete range of test functions to allow automatic or manual  portable appliance testing of the widest range of electrical assets. The Megger PAT 350 PAT ... Read More...

The Megger Business in a Box is specifically developed to enable electrical contractors to generate extra income. Along with the Megger PAT320 portable appliance tester, the kit includes guidance on PAT testing and range of ... Read More...

Megger PAT410 PAT Tester

Includes Calibration Cert
The Megger PAT 410 portable appliance tester is part of the new megger PAT 400 series of downloadable pat testers. The Megger PAT410 PAT Tester is a 230V tester best suited for those testing in 230V environment. ... Read More...

Megger PAT 420 PAT Tester

Includes Calibration Cert
The Megger PAT420 portable appliance tester is part of the PAT400 series of PAT testers, a new generation of testing equipment designed for easy downloading. The Megger PAT420 is a dual voltage PAT tester, suitable ... Read More...

The Megger PAT 420 Business in a Box kit is a automatic, downloading PAT Testing kit which includes leads and adaptors to test both 110V & 230V appliances, along with 1000 Pass labels and Megger PowerSuite Contractor PAT certification software. Read More...

Megger PAT450 PAT Tester

Includes Calibration Cert
The Megger PAT450 PAT Tester includes all of the test functions available with the Megger PAT420 PAT tester but has an additional 1.5kv and 3.0kV flash test. Easy downloading can be achieved using a standard memory stick. The Megger PAT450 is supplied with Calibration Certificate. Read More...