Megger (Programma) VIDAR Vacuum Circuit Breaker Tester

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The Megger (Programma) VIDAR Vacuum Circuit Breaker Tester is a vacuum interrupter tester that enables you to check the integrity of the vacuum circuit breaker/interrupter quickly and conveniently by means of the known relationship between the flashover voltage and the vacuum interrupter. A suitable test voltage (DC) is applied to the breaker, and the result is known immediately.

 VIDAR Vacuum Circuit Breaker Tester Benefits

  • Tests the integrity of vacuum interrupters quickly, safely and easily
  • User defined voltage selection
  • Extensive voltage range
  • Easy to operate. Follows ANSI/IEEE standardized DC test methods.
  • Lightweight and portable

VIDAR Vacuum Circuit Breaker Tester Kit Contents:

  • Permanently mounted cable set 5mts (16 ft),
    ground cable and transport case (GD-00030)

Megger VIDAR data sheet

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Megger (Programma) VIDAR Vacuum Circuit Breaker Tester Datasheet

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