Seba KMT Surgeflex 32 – Portable Cable Test and Fault Location System

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The Seba KMT Surgeflex 32 is a portable cable test and fault location system up to 32 kV for medium and low voltage power cables.

The Surgeflex 32 allows for the safe and fast location of faults with the latest TDR technology. Various fault location methods are included.

The powerful ARM (Arc Reflection Method) is used for prelocation of high resistance faults up to 32 kV. Conditioning faults are possible by short-term burning in all voltage levels. Low resistance faults can be located with only the TDR Teleflex T 30-E and without having to use high voltage methods.

Connecting cables for earthing, mains, and HV are conveniently accessible at the rear of the unit.

Seba KMT Surgeflex 32 Features include:

  • DC-testing up to 32 kV
  • Prelocating
    • Reflection measurement
    • ARM – Measurement (Arc Refl ection Method) up to 32 kV
    • ICE Impulse Current Method 0 … 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 kV
    • Decay up to 32 kV
  • Burning (fault conditioning) up to 32 kV
  • Cable tracing (optional)
  • Pinpointing
    • Distance and acoustic measurement
      0 … 8 / 16 / 32 kV at 1750 J
      0 … 4 kV at 1200 J*
    • Sheath fault locating (0 … 5 kV power regulated)
    • Audio frequency methods (optional)

* 4 kV is optional

Seba KMT Surgeflex 32 Datasheet

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Seba KMT Surgeflex 32 – Portable Cable Test and Fault Location System Datasheet

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