FLIR B250 Infrared Camera

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The FLIR B250 Infrared Camera is a portable thermal imaging camera that ergonomic, light-weight and easy to use. Usability is key: The FLIR B-Series Infrared Camera has been specifically developed for building environment, with features such as dewpoint and insulation alarms.

FLIR B250 Infrared Cameras benefits   

  • High quality visual camera with 3.1 Mpixel digital camera.
  • Panorama support
  • Temperature measurement range -20°C to +350°C
  • Interchangeable infrared lenses – standard 25° lens and optional 6°, 15°, 45° and 90° lenses.
  • Equipped with standard video, USB outputs as well as a removable SD card.
  • Radiometric IR video streaming
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Wi-Fi to a smart phone (iPhone) or tablet PC (iPad).
  • Humidity Alarm/Insulation Alarm

FLIR B250 Infrared Camera comparison

Thermal image quality:
240×180 pixels
Thermal image quality:
320×240 pixels
70 mK NETD < 50 mK NETD
2x digital zoom 4x digital zoom
Picture-in-Picture (scalable) Picture-in-Picture (resizable/moveable)
Panorama support  
Image marker 4 Image markers
   Delta T
  Instant reports

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