IUP Fault Wizard 10KV Thumper

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The IUP Fault Wizard 10KV Thumper is a light-weight battery operated 10KV cable fault locator. The IUP Fault Wizard 10KV Thumper features variable impulse voltage, which allows low-voltage pulsing and minimum damage to cables. The IUP Fault Wizard 10KV Thumper has a cycle mode for use in pinpointing the fault with a headset listening device. It has an in-built TDR and displays the distance to the fault.

The IUP Fault Wizard 10KV Thumper Features

  • The most compact, full featured Arc Reflection system at a fraction of the cost
  • 3 modes of operation in one compact unit: High voltage TDR Arch Reflection technology with automatic readout of distance to fault (no interpretation of complication waveforms); Cycle Thump mode for pinpointing; DC Hi-Pot mode
  • Adjustable Output Voltage
  • Truly portable – Battery powered, weighing only 25Kg
  • Fault Wizard Software included – allows optional waveform viewing on a computer

IUP Fault Wizard data sheet

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