Megger DLRO10HD Dual Power 10A Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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Megger DLRO10HD Dual Power 10A Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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Megger DLRO10HD Dual Power 10A Low Resistance Ohmmeter is heavy duty low resistance ohmmeter which combines rugged construction with accuracy and ease of use. Megger DLRO10HD features an internal rechargeable battery and can also operate from a mains supply, even if the battery is completely flat.

Megger DLRO10HD Meter Features

  • High or low output power selection for condition diagnosis
  • Rechargeable battery or line power supply, continuous operation, even with dead battery
  • 10 A for 60 seconds, less time waiting to cool, great for charging inductance
  • High input protection to 600 V, inadvertent connection to line or UPS voltage will not blow a fuse
  • Heavy duty case: IP 65 lid closed, IP54 operational (battery operation only)
  • Rotary switch selects one of five test modes, including auto start on connection, giving ease of use

Megger DLRO10HD kit contents

  • Megger DLRO10HD Low Resistance Ohmmeter 1000-348
  • DH4 duplex handspike 1.2m 6111-503
  • Test lead pouch (lid mounted) 1000-036
  • DLRO10HD user guide CD 2000-869
  • Warranty book 6170-618

Megger DLRO10HD optional accessories

  • Calibration Shunt,10 Ω, current rating 1 mA 249000
  • Calibration Shunt, 1 Ω, current rating 10 mA 249001
  • Calibration Shunt, 100 mΩ current rating 1 A 249002
  • Calibration Shunt, 10 mΩ current rating 10 A 249003
  • Certificate of Calibration for Shunts, NIST CERT-NIST
  • Replacement tips for DH4, DH5 and DH7 handspikes
  • Needle point 25940-012
  • Serrated end 25940-014

Megger DLRO10HD data sheet

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