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The Seaward Test n Tag Kit system is a quick, hassle-free and portable PAT labelling system. The Seaward Test n Tag Kit comes with a printer, label cartridge, barcode scanner and carry case. Use with all downloadable Seaward PAT testers for a completely automated PAT labelling process. Printer and label cartridges are also available separately.

Seaward Test n Tag Kit

  • Tamperproof – security and accuracy of information is assured as test details are direct from the tester’s memory.
  • Promote your company – you can insert your own company logo, company name and contact details.
  • Label design includes a barcode, asset number, test date and next test date, user name and test status.
  • Two label sizes available: panel label or cable wrap label.
  • Professional appearance of label as opposed to handwritten label.
  • Supplied in easy to install label cartridge

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