Understanding Partial Discharge (PD) Testing

PD Testing

Predictive maintenance helps ensure reliability and longevity of equipment and electrical systems, especially within industrial settings. Given the multitude of equipment and components, each with unique specifications and operating conditions, it is imperative that suitable mix of technologies and testing … Continue reading

Power Quality Monitoring – Reducing Costs with a Fluke 434

See how you can use the Fluke 434 Power Quality Analyzer to assess power quality and curb undue operating expenses caused which may be caused by equipment damage/downtime, poor performance/data loss, increased power consumption or numerous other factors. The Fluke 434 can help to detect possible problems which may occur that erode power quality and ultimately find a resolution for them before they prove costly. Continue reading

Safety Factors to Consider for Substation Accessibility

Substations can often be high-risk environments. Accidents can easily occur that may ultimately result in damage to assets and infrastructure, endangering personnel and interruption to power transmission. Because of this, putting the correct procedures in place and controlling access to the premises is imperative in ensuring safe navigation. There is always the risk of unauthorised access which must be mandatorily addressed but aside from that, following the guidelines below will help in greatly increasing Substation Safety. Continue reading

Advantages of IR-Fusion Technology

Advantages of IR Fusion Technology

The advantages of IR-Fusion Technology are great and can really make a huge difference in the thermal imaging process. IR-Fusion Technology works by revealing an IR fault area on a digital image captured in visible light. This breakthrough in technology helps to eliminate uncertainty in interpreting IR images to detect problems and enables more refined analysis of images and reporting. Continue reading

Seaward Apollo Series Comparison

Seaward Apollo Series

Reduce the risk of electrical shock with a Seaward Apollo PAT Tester. Find out which PAT Tester is right for you in this detailed comparison of the Seaward Apollo 400, 500 and 600 PAT Testers. Detecting possible safety problems within electrical appliances has never been so easy. We stock and supply a full selection of Seaward PAT testing equipment and accessories that you can choose from. Visit our dedicated website at www.pat-testers.ie Continue reading