Introducing the new TRD2000/3 and TDR2000/3P dual channel cable fault locator from Megger

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Megger TRD2000TDR2000/3P is a dual channel cable fault locator. It measures the distance to a whole host of cable faults. With its second channel it can test 2 cores at the same time to compare a good core with a bad core or to compare a live trace to one held in the memory.

The large on-board memory and the TDR2000/3’s ability to up-load and down-load mean that the trace can be compared to a previous one to identify changes which is a great advantage when investigating complex cable networks.

It has a rugged new casing and a superb, high resolution colour display. Its narrow pulse width makes locating near-end faults highly effective and comes with fused test leads.

The TDR2000/3 has many of the TDR2000/3P’s benefits but offers test leads ideal for the telecom market.

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